A recruitment agency can do wonders to how your business functions. Every successful organisation needs a great team which works day in and day out to foster this success. The human resource of an organisation also called the Payroll. However, appointing efficient Payroll can be a very hectic and time-consuming process. Placement and Payroll Consultant (P&P) acts as your recruitment agency and the best partner is carrying out this recruitment process in an absolutely hassle-free manner. We are one of the top recruitment agencies in India, with a massive network covering various industries and sectors.

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  2. Trusted by over 5 million job seekers across the globe and this credibility has earned us a large jobseeker's database as well as a company database.

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  4. Clients can quickly post jobs to connect the right candidates with the right companies.

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  6. View contact details of applicants against your posted jobs. We have the largest candidate pool, with multiple qualified professional.

Want Your Organisation to Grow?

PAPC Recruitment agency the only way to get there is a dedicated workforce. Our employees are highly trained and qualified and have experience in human resource management and hence are capable of answering various questions, and queries related to Human Resource Management as well as recruitment and they are also equipped to create an excellent plan which furthers the motive of the organisation and enables an organisation to maximise its profits management. We connect you with a network of over 5 million potential candidates, making us one of the top human resource consultancy agency in India.

Some of the industries we cover are:

  • Computer / IT Jobs
  • Education / Training /Teaching Jobs
  • Business Services / Recruitment / Matrimony Jobs
  • Medical / Healthcare Jobs
  • Export - Import / Trading Jobs
  • Engineering / Technical / R and D Jobs
  • Tourism and Catering jobs
  • Advertising / MR / PR / Events Jobs
  • Banking / Financial Services Jobs
  • Real Estate / Property Jobs
  • Hotel / Travel / Airline / Hospitality Jobs
  • FMCG / Food / Beverages Jobs
  • Automobile / Auto Ancillaries Jobs
  • Construction Jobs
  • Manufacturing / Production / Quality Jobs
  • Insurance / Claims Jobs
  • Consumer Durables / Electronics Jobs
  • Telecom / ISP Jobs
  • Transportation / Logistic / Shipping / M.. Jobs
  • Pharma / Biotech / Clinical Research Jobs
  • BPO / Call Centre/KPO Jobs

Government Approved Recruitment Agency

P and P is not only one of the top recruitment agencies but also is one of the few trustworthy government approved recruitment agencies. We have a special permit and recognition in providing expert recruitment services. Our employees are highly qualified and dedicated, working daily towards creating a massive network of working professionals which provides unparalleled reach across the industry and its various sectors. Using this network coupled with the needs of our clients, we provide consultancy as well as placement services which help our clients in long-term development and creating a result-oriented partnership. Being the cream of the crowd, we at P&P provide professional consultancy services in a twofold manner. Firstly by creating an employed pool which is full of experience to work in professionals qualified to work in various sectors and fulfil multiple job roles and secondly by using this information of the available employees also called candidates to meet the multiple needs and vacancies that our clients have.

Overseas Recruitment Agency

Placement and payroll consultancy is one of the top recruitment agencies in India, having various offices and a qualified workforce. We work as an overseas human resources consultancy for multiple companies spanning multiple industries in India.

>We provide our clients with ‘innovative, creative and young’ professional from all around the world. We work closely with our clients providing them Candidates and Consultancy for their Overseas Jobs requirements with constant support from our team of professionals, overseas job agents, foreign job agencies, recruiters in Dubai, London, Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Asia, Germany, European countries, Middle-East, and India.

We not only help companies but also help individual candidates get various jobs overseas. We do this by creating an excellent network also called our employee pool, which enables us to you know our candidates' potentials and qualifications and thereby allocating them suitable jobs based on available vacancies.

Permanent Staffing Recruitment Solution

Permanent Staffing Recruitment Solution

P&P provides long term and permanent staffing and recruiting solution utilising our proven expertise in recruiting, screening and qualifying various candidates from all around the world for permanent openings.

  1. Since at P&P one of our most important goals is creating relationships with both our clients as well as our employee pool, we provide relatively permanent and stable client-employees relationships which allow both the company as well as the candidate itself to grow.
Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing

We at placement and payroll consultancy are well aware of the changing needs of upcoming businesses in the dynamic markets. To tackle this problem, we provide you with a seamless, agile solution which helps smaller as well as large business houses staff employees for a limited period with the concept of contract staffing.

  1. It is a straightforward process, just our customer service department for more information. This also helps our clients to find the perfect specialists for a job and helps retain them for a specified period thill when their services are required. Such temporary staffing is hassle free since we already have a large candidate pool, ready to fill in various specific job vacancies.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The recruitment process is a fundamental process for any company and hence is a tedious task. It is hence absolutely essential that this process is carried out with utmost expertise. This process if carried out on an in-house basis is costly however Placement, and Payroll Consultancy P&P allows companies to outsource this particular service to people with specialisation in this field, allowing guaranteed results and preventing wastage of resources.

  1. For these reasons, placement and payroll, consultancy is a brilliant choice for any company when it looks at outsourcing its recruitment process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Extremely important. The particulars specified by you while posting a job determine the number/quantum of responses you get from the job seekers. Since job seekers are registered within specified categories, areas, designations, etc., only jobs that correlate to their field of expertise are mailed to them. So it is necessary to make sure that you furnish all the correct particulars while posting a job.

  • Usually, the potential candidates start responding immediately to the job posted by our clients, as they find the job suitable. Changing the job details later might render the job of no interest to them and hence cause hardships. We, therefore, urge you to be very careful while posting a job vacancy. However, you definitely can contact our team regarding some inescapable alterations, and we can then surely look into the matter.

  • Recruitment is a very tedious process, and it is also a fundamental process which if carried out, inefficiently can cause various issues related to human resource management in the future. However, appointing Placement and Payroll Consultant helps our clients avoid these hardships and helps smoothen the recruitment process.

  • The recruitment agency helps its clients fulfil all their staffing requirements and satisfying all their needs; we create relationships between the clients and potential candidates. With our massive reach, we get a larger quantum of applicants and potential candidates matching the job particulars posted by our clients which in return ensures that only the best and most suitable person is employed for a job vacancy.

  • Yes. definitely.

    It saves a lot of company time, improves productivity and reduces overall costs. Expert help comes from an outside agency, not the company. The compliance angle is better looked after by the agency and the data security is also ensured well.

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