PAPC is one of the top reputed HR consulting firms, catering to the staffing requirements of corporate firms and multinationals. An active and efficient Human Resource department is an important factor for organizational success. We offer Recruitment consultancy services in multiple capacities to ensure resourceful operation of the Human Resource department.

HR Consulting Services Offered

Diligent International works as strategic partners of the organization. Below is a brief account of the HR consulting services we offer.

  • 1. Strategic HR Planning & Improvement: aligning HR personnel with the strategic goals of the organization.
  • 2. Attrition Management: controlling manpower turnover to reduce selection, recruitment and training costs.
  • 3. Succession Planning: identifying or hiring staff to fulfill leadership position.
  • 4. Human Resource Forecasting & Planning: analyzing and forecasting manpower needs of the organization.
  • 5. Performance Evaluation: evaluate, analyze and improve the performance of HR department.
  • 6. Executive Training: training and coaching HR executives for better functioning.

Other consulting features include assistance with tax credit processing, time and attendance coordination, employee benefits and payroll administration.

Benefits of HR Consulting Services

The HR consulting services offered by PAPC caters multiple requirements. Our services help the organization to develop a strategic human resource plan for both long-term and short-term goals. If the organization infrastructure is at its nascent stage, our team assists in the development of a fully functional HR department, offering support with manpower availability in the interim and help with the creation of leadership programs and succession planning.
Organizations with established HR department seek our services to audit compliance issues and identify areas needing improvement. We help to understand and align human resource policies with the goals and objectives of the organization. Diligent International implements latest tools and technology to establish productive HR systems and provide training to executives.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Extremely important. The particulars specified by you while posting a job determine the number/quantum of responses you get from the job seekers. Since job seekers are registered within specified categories, areas, designations, etc., only jobs that correlate to their field of expertise are mailed to them. So it is necessary to make sure that you furnish all the correct particulars while posting a job.

  • Usually, the potential candidates start responding immediately to the job posted by our clients, as they find the job suitable. Changing the job details later might render the job of no interest to them and hence cause hardships. We, therefore, urge you to be very careful while posting a job vacancy. However, you definitely can contact our team regarding some inescapable alterations, and we can then surely look into the matter.

  • Recruitment is a very tedious process, and it is also a fundamental process which if carried out, inefficiently can cause various issues related to human resource management in the future. However, appointing Placement and Payroll Consultant helps our clients avoid these hardships and helps smoothen the recruitment process.

  • The recruitment agency helps its clients fulfil all their staffing requirements and satisfying all their needs; we create relationships between the clients and potential candidates. With our massive reach, we get a larger quantum of applicants and potential candidates matching the job particulars posted by our clients which in return ensures that only the best and most suitable person is employed for a job vacancy.

  • Yes. definitely.

    It saves a lot of company time, improves productivity and reduces overall costs. Expert help comes from an outside agency, not the company. The compliance angle is better looked after by the agency and the data security is also ensured well.

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